Galentine's Day

The number one thing I believe a New York City girl (Or any lady seeking a happy and fulfilled lifestyle) should have is a solid group girlfriends!

Survival Jobs for Performing Artists

We interviewed performing artists that are making their dreams come true while also making money to support those dreams. These interviews will give you insight into a variety of jobs that you may want to consider while pursuing a career in the performing arts.

Survival of the Fittest & the Fabulous

We interviewed 3 fitness gurus to share their expert advice on balancing workout routines with working as a performing artist in NYC. Here, you'll discover great aspiring fitness routine that will leave you breathless, flawless, dammmmnnnn good looking, and stronger than ever before!

Artist Totes Fashion Trend- The Best Summer Beach Bags

Top 16 Tote Beach Bags for 2017 that can also be used for daily travels, auditions, gigs, events, and the like, from splurges to deals you cannot miss!


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