Attn: Actors of Film & TV

By Lauren Muraida

Within my first week of living in the city, I managed to nail a hostessing job in the financial district, 15 minutes from my Brooklyn apartment, endure my first NYC house party for Halloween, sign up for Central Casting, and book two background acting gigs! Actually, that all happened within three whole days! I had officially dove in feet first and hit the grind of the grid to possess the direction in which I hoped to dance towards. I mentioned diving “head first” for potential Broadway performers, but for actors of TV and Film and theater, I encourage you to use your feet and move! Get yourself to Central Casting’s office off 31st between 6th and 7th, and endure the one hour they share their background and mission for avid actors such as yourself! Get the experience, while you search for the community in which you feel, you belong, and make a few hundred bucks along the way. I had a chance to be on Nurse Jackie outside the Lincoln Center, and looked more like Carrie Bradshaw in the 80s than Ana Sofia Rob in The Carrie Diaries’ Prom episode in the Waldorf Astoria ballroom. Yea, I’ll never forget the 16 hours I spent with some of WB’s hottest actors! Thank you CC! Now get over there and try it for yourself! It’s free! background acting
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If you are seeking other information and would like me to reflect on such topics for you, please leave your suggestions below!! I want nothing short of success for you and therefore, I have made it my mission to network and connect and reflect as much as I can. I only know from my experience and those who share theirs with me, so please continue to share!

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