Survival Jobs for Performing Artists: Catering Actress

Survival Jobs for Performing Artists: Catering

Interview by Lauryn M.

While restaurant work may not be ideal for everyone pursuing a career in the arts, catering is another opportunity that allows for more flexibility, experience, and, personally, a little more fun. There are quite a few companies in the city, catering to several corporate events, weekly. There is a variety of positions; Host, Coat Check, Waiter, Captain, Bar Tender, Busser, or even work with event planning, depending on your commitment and availability. If you happen to consider moving to the city and want a job, immediately, to help pay the bills, check out some of the catering companies below. You hardly need any experience, just a great work ethic, availability, and a genuine smile.

Read on to see how my lovely friend, Rhianna Raddick, appreciates her catering opportunities while pursuing a career in the arts.

Interview with Rhianna Radick

  1. How many years have you lived in NYC?

This is my fourth year in Manhattan.

  1. How did you become interested in working in the catering industry in the city?

I like catering because it’s flexible with my schedule, since I'm a performer. My days need to be free for auditions and catering is typically at night so I became interested in those kind of flexible night jobs.

  1. How long have you been working in catering?

Four years. Since catering is seasonal, the typical amount I get is 1-3 gigs a month, but during the busy season the most I’ve ever catered was 10 events in one month.

  1. How did you hear about your catering job opportunities?

Before I moved here, I reached out to people who graduated before me about their jobs. One friend recommended his catering

company and I’ve been working for them ever since.

      5. What different types of positions have you had?

I’ve been a server, bartender, and a captain.

      6. What types of events have you catered for?

Weddings, corporate events, galas, reunions, school events (Edible Schoolyard), Highline (gala), fundraisers, and private parties.

       7. Do you believe working in the catering industry is a reliable, flexible, enjoyable source of income, while pursuing a career in the arts?

I would say catering is definitely flexible, however in order for it to be a reliable source of income, I’d suggest to belong to a few companies because if one company is slow, the other may be stable in which you’ll always be working. I made the mistake my first few months in NYC of only belonging to one catering company, and when the dead season hit I realized I had to get another job to pay rent.

       8. Would you recommend working in the catering industry to new artists in the city?

YES 100%. At least for the first six months. Until they get their feet wet in the big apple.

        9. Have any other comments or concerns you would like to share?

Living in NY is mostly about having great work ethic and being OK with the hustle. Catering isn’t exactly a stable job like an office job, but it’s definitely better for a performer because of the flexibility. Also, it’s a great way to meet fellow performers and friends.

Rhianna has been a NYC resident for four years. She has been in numerous commercials including Mane 'n Tail, Timex, and Acura to name a few. She has been a guest star on Investigation Discovery's The Perfect Murder twice, and weekly performs at The Friar's Club- created by Frank Sinatra. She has almost finished her EP and plans to release a music video shortly following. Besides running around the big apple with all her projects and auditions, she loves ending the day with a glass of red wine and a good comedy.

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Catering Companies in NYC

Pinch Food Design
Runway Waiters
Great Performances
Julia Valler
Top Shelf Staffing
Other Options:


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