Galentine's Day

The number one thing I believe a New York City girl (Or any lady seeking a happy and fulfilled lifestyle) should have is a solid group girlfriends!

How-To: Mind Your Manners! (To benefit you.)

Remember those manners you were (or should've been) taught? Your "please and thank you's," your "peas and carrots?" Try using those a little more.

In Due Time Dear Valentine: A NYC Gal’s Long Distance Relationship Story (and How she makes it work!)

I am currently (and have been) in a long-distance relationship for the last year and a half. I met my boyfriend on Bumble shortly after...

The Snuggle is Real

I am currently on the hunt for chic, semi-sexy, comfy lounge wear that I can look forward to jumping into, feel glamorous, while vegging out a little.

Put your Social Media Superhero cape on!

To anyone who has been a victim of social media attacks: know that You are a strong, beautiful human!

Flexible Jobs

Easiest jobs you can secure quickly

Dating Apps

What does a bumble bee, a flame, a cupid, a hinge, a coffee, and a bagel have in common?

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