Flexible Jobs

LIST OF JOBS: *Feature Artists in the City*
• Pinch Food Design and Other Catering Companies (Lindsay/steph/john Elliot/and myself know)
• Nanny Jobs (Ask my beautiful friend Hannah)
• Promotional Work
• Promotional Event Planning (ask these cool people: Mathew Williams/Meghan gates)
• Restaurant/Server Jobs (ask these kids: Emma moore/Ben knight)
• Restaurant/Bartending Jobs (ask these hustling beauties: Emma moore/Ashley matthews)
• Teaching Classes (take a class with Steph/Hannah)
• Coaching Dance (ask this lady boss: Steph)
• Thumbtack Posting
• Craigslist Posting
• Community Posting (FB)
• Hair Coloring From Home (read about my friend Hannah’s Friend)
• Photography (you’ll want to work with Nick Urteaga/Alycia kravitz)
• Atmosphere Musical Gigs/Musician or Singer (go listen and watch Chris/)
• Cabaret Gigs (Cranky Cabaret, Bullets over Broadway, Don’t Tell Momma)
• Dog Walking (read about Dustin’s experience)
• House Sitting (dream about Erin/Richelle’s experience)
• Background Acting w/Central Casting (do what steph/maria/and myself have done)
*mind you these are only a few, but super easy to get into* If you have any other suggestions and/or experiences you would like to share, please share below*
*Image- chic catering uniform/me with kids/dressed as a street promoter for b’way show/veuve cliquot bottle and chic uniform/plaid shirt and shorts
When considering your options prior to your move, I encourage you to consider the following few questions:
What is my priority in the city?
What are my goals in this city?
What am I willing to do to accomplish my goals?
What am I willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish my goals?
What is my time line? Is there a minimum? Max?
Do I prefer to have a full time position, Monday-Friday, with weekends free or a few flexible, miscellaneous survival jobs?
*image- me, writing at a table/desk/coffee shop, pen in hand. Coffee nearby, headshots and resumes stacked up,
Read me: I’ve been living in New York City for almost three years and have experienced some of the most interesting jobs since. At one point, I think I had about six jobs; I was currently employed with managing a Christmas Caroling group, catering, working for a Korean Theater Company, working at a Restaurant, working for an Event Planning Company, and Auditioning, which is a job all in itself! The flexibility of having an array of survival jobs while maintaining availability for auditions is actually quite possible. New York City is notorious for job opportunities, left and right. I have curated a list of possible flexible jobs you may find yourself interested in, that will allow you to pay rent (YAY), have a social life (Oh Ya!), and allow for flexible audition time (thank God!). I guarantee there are a million more flexible opportunities ahead, but if you have no idea where to look or what to do, when auditioning is your top priority, then let me help you… a little…

What works? From personal observance of my successful friends out here, I noticed, that their approach is much more secure in gig opportunity. Upon arriving to the city, a few had agents and Equity points under their dance belts, and were more than prepared to jump into the auditioning pool, far easier than myself. The advice that they shared relies heavily on the pursuit of a performance gig, above anything else! If you have the means to survive for a couple of months (with hopes that you won’t need more than a month’s worth) before landing a tour or outside NY gig, then by all means, take class, sublease, and hit the streets and knock out every possible audition.

It seems pretty logical to audition day after day and demand that your face be out in the open as frequently as possible, right? Only a handful of lucky ones book a gig within their first few auditions. For the wholesome, wonder-eyed, worrisome-ones, it will take some time. And then you book, that gig ends, and you’re onto the next, and life just becomes a blur of early mornings, coffee overdoses, miserable break ups with your showmances, mourningful breakups with your cast families, and endless waiting parties at auditions each day. I cannot help but laugh at these scenarios that we have all encountered and continue to put ourselves through. However, for the most part, you get the best of both worlds, as Hannah montana would sing, The good and the bad, a constant miscellaneous adventure of experiences, the making of memories with your friends and frienemies. In this day and age, 2016, to be exact, you will collect more interesting and detailed stories to share with your grandkids than any average office worker. So keep to it! Rise and grind Monday through Friday, then zen it out with some r&r and self-loving tlc for the hard work you put in each week and treat yoself!

Bring home the bacon: Besides scoring as many gig opportunities as possible, and also, bacon, what is the other, equally as important goal that we all have? Making that monaaaaay, heyyy! Bringing home the bacon, amiright?! But how, you ask? How do we maintain a consistent flexible schedule and make sure we have opportunity in between opportunity to survive and enjoy life in the big apple? Also, what is this “life savings account” thing that a lot of people have, how can I get one, and how do I see the numbers grow? I want to be able to assist you in pursuing all of the above, comfortably, and successfully. Ugh, adulting, right?!
Artists often wonder when they move here, how they can balance multiple survival jobs on top of an unstable agenda of auditions, allowing for flexibility for when they book a gig, when they receive a sudden notice of a callback, or when they can visit family. Welcome to the “Tug-Of-War” of time management. Consider the easy “go-to” jobs that you can flexibly commit to for a short period of time in between your gigs that can be found above and tune in.
 Easiest job you can secure quickly: food industry work! Yea, it’s not entirely ideal, but it’s not a “career” and your boss knows it, but it can be an easy commitment if you understand how it works…depending on the type of restaurant, whether it be find dining, a café, coffee shop, family style, bar, or what have you, consider what they require of time, commitment, availability, location, opening and closing hours, etc, to maximize the best job set up possible.
 Bar hop: As many believe, bars are always great because they often leave the day time open for resting, exercising, life chores, and of course, auditions and small gigs. Again, depending on the type of bar style and hours, you could be gaining an unexpectedly larger or smaller income depending on location, day of the week, season, and style. Shift coverage also varies.

I admire the tenacity and determination towards auditioning with the 700 other beauties who look just like you as the sun rises. However, I ventured upon a different approach, as have many before me.

I was lucky enough to have secured gig opportunities prior to my move, which was another clear indication as to why New York was calling my name. I welcomed my Christmas Caroling gig and prepared for my trip to Korea to coach a theater camp, before I jumped into the New York City auditioning pool. Upon my return to the city, I eased my way into the auditioning field once I was able to secure a few non-performance job experiences. I moved to the city with the dream of performing as close to Broadway as I could get, but also to make something of myself. I had little expectation of what I was about to embark on, knowing that this city was filled with endless opportunity, history, connections, and experience in every way possible, and I was going to see where it would lead. I have had more experience and have met so many awesome people in the city from my line of jobs in the three years I have lived here. I would not change my experience here for anything. I dreamed of living in New York City, so, I suppose I wanted to stay put for a while, rather than tour or book a cruise line, although that opportunity would still be amazing and I would have no problem accepting the offer.

So why do many of us set ourselves up in a city of competition, endless rejection, self-defeat, and a constant struggle? That is a fascinating mystery, isn’t it?! I like to believe that we only have one life to live, so why not try and live it by pursuing this crazy dream? We all certainly have our own way of doing it too. I am on a constant search to uncover what works best, what is my success, and what can possibly fill the pages of my life’s scrapbook of adventures, opportunity, and experience that I can continue to share with the world, and you 
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