Galentine’s Day

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The number one thing I believe a New York City girl (Or any lady seeking a happy and fulfilled lifestyle) should have is a solid group of friends, especially girlfriends!

I found myself in NYC over 4 years ago, eagerly awaiting an exciting new opportunity for socializing, exploration, independence, and a new place I could call home and I was probably one of the lucky ones to drop everything and move to the city hand-in-hand with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world! That’s you @rowenavillanueva!

Since then I have continuously developed a strong bond between native Cali girls, who either followed in my footsteps or stepped foot in the jungle before me and I can honestly say that my life would not have been and will not continue to be as glorious, adventurous, and as lovely without the lovely ladies I call my friends.

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Thank you my beautiful, loyal, wonderful lady friends!

I find it entirely valuable and so much more fun socializing with a group of lovely girlfriends out and about on the town, or even right in my own, cozy little home, and what better to do that then a pre-Valentine, Galentine’s gathering in cute, festive pjs, blushed cheeks, kissed with rosé, yummy goodies, and a whole lot of giggles?

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A Little How-To-Celebrate-Galentines-At-Home:

  1. Pick a date. preferably a weekend without worry of work and plenty of time to socialize and relax
  2. Pick a theme of colors. Such as pink, grey, white, and red for coordinated outfits for all those selfies and photos galore (can’t stop, won’t stop!)
  3. Make a list of supplies. Keeping it simple, festive, and on a small budget:
    • Décor: Festive pillows, throws, trays, plates, napkins, and plastic wine glasses, can easily up-the-fancy on a budget at Home Goods, Party City, or even Rite Aid or CVS.
    • Snacks: Trader Joe’s and my local liquor store are my best friends when it comes to party planning on a budget.
  • Trader Joe's Caramelized Onion and Feta Pastry Bites (so delicious and easy to cook)
  • TJ’s Spinach and Artichoke Dip + Sea Salt Pita Chips (Heats up in 2.5 minutes, gone in 60 seconds)
  • Chocolate Truffles (I just re-discovered Harry and David assorted chocolate truffles and WOW! Mouth-watering)
  • Fresh Strawberries + Raspberries to devour or drop in your glass of Rosé (Pairs well with chocolate fondue)
  • Festive cookies, mini desserts, and any other small apps that take less than 30 minutes of prep and cooking time from TJ’s is perfect and uber budget friendly.
  • Last but not least, your favorite Rosé! Mine is $14 from my local liquor store in West Harlem, and is honestly so delicious! @GerardBertrandCotedeRoses is crisp, cool, and has a sweet, soft finish, not to mention the sweet bottle it comes in.

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4. Set Up:

  • Chill the wine and time out the goodies by prep and cook time.
  • Place goodies in or on festive bowls and plates
  • Have a cute tray to place your goodies on as well as the glasses, napkins, and bottle of Rosé for the re-pour. If you’re all hanging out on the couch, floor, or bed, it’s wise to keep things at arms distance on a sturdy surface.
  • Have your girls arrive in their festive garb with a convenient place to put their belongings. This is something people don’t often plan for, especially during East Coast Winters…YIKES!

5. Don’t forget to toast to having the best girlyfriends, to love and appreciation, and also to endless gatherings! Keep that Sister Bond Strong!!!

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hanging out bed galentines day thespian style girls 2

These girls have honestly been the greatest support system and are the epitome of true friends. Life is funny in a way that we meet people from all walks of life, especially in New York, but to be connected to ladies with so much kindness, individuality, beauty, humor, adventure, charisma, and charm as much as these three beauties, is quite rare and an unbelievable blessing.

To all my many gorgeous, beautifully true sister friends out there, across the world, this post goes to you!


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