How-To: Mind Your Manners! (To benefit you.)

Remember those manners you were (or should’ve been) taught?

Your “please and thank you’s,” your “peas and carrots?” Try using those a little more. Your polite impression will help you shine in any environment. Sure, maybe you’re the “cool guy/girl” that only seeks to dominate others; If it works best for you to obviate manners, good luck making it last. For the rest of us; a little politeness, kindness, and gratitude can go a long way.

Mind your manners thespian styleIsn’t there is something pleasant to approaching each day with a light, happy attitude?

It’s no coincidence a splendid day unfolds upon its inception when accompanied by a gratitude for life and experiences to be had in a history about to be made. New York nuances can take an immediate toll on your attitude, so beware of your approach to daily tasks to avoid passive grunts and a creased brow. Be a leader in the roll you play in your life. Remember this quote as you start your day:

“Wake up thinking something wonderful is about to happen!”

Language leaves the most lasting impression.

If you want to leave an impact wherever you go, with whomever you may meet, try adjusting your speech.

I cannot believe how much our language changes with each generation creating their own lingo, with social media continuing to rise and present change every second, it’s hard NOT to adapt! Do not forget that the traditions of representation at your best are still relatively the same. Going into an audition room with a smile, a proper greeting, a polite explanation of your tempo for the accompanist, and expression of gratitude when it’s over… easy as pie. These manners should be in all of your pockets at all times.

Remind yourself that auditions are almost like interviews and you want them to begin and end with a professional, respectful, and grateful impression.

Break a leg!

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