Put your Social Media Superhero cape on!

Put your Social Media Superhero cape on!
To anyone who has been a victim of social media attacks: know that You are a strong, beautiful human!

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Social media is a ridiculous platform where every single person has an opinion and the right to express themselves in any and every way they please. It’s a tough, small world we have subjected our kind souls to in our adult years. It’s hilarious, really…people who have hate in their hearts feel obligated to express it, even when it is obviously unnecessary! What happened to respectfully keeping certain “opinions” to ourselves? I’ve been a victim of such an insensitive action, but I’ve learned that love conquers hate! And honey, I love you and what you stand for, so don’t subject yourselves to the hate in he world, keep your strength and honor as the human you have been created to be and DO YOU with the BEST of your ability because you CAN and are able.
The world is at war with hatred. It will continue to be a fight for years, but the love grows and is so powerful! We’ve overcome so much hate already in our lives, and it will continue to progress because our world has no choice! Sorry, not sorry that acceptance and love is everything. Those who hate, can only conquer so much in the world.
Ok that’s all I wanted to share 

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