Singin’ in the Srain

R•A•I•N in the city, ohhhhh what a tug-of-war at the heart strings this element brings ? Some live for it, some completely toss it aside, and others simply embrace it. Winter rain, or rather srain, (snow-rain), tho? Most are confused by this farfuffle of nonsense pelting from the skies.On this particular srainy day, I instantly woke up in a fluff of sleepy, coffee-craving, confused, Morning-mood, as if a dark cloud wooshed down over me and tapped me on my deep-in-sleep shoulder, and as I rolled over to the sudden twinkles of my alarm, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and gazed at the dark, stormy cloud, as it viciously grinned! “Rude,” I thought, “it should be the weekend already!” Hopping out of bed, I slowly slothed across my room to start my morning routine in a daze.

srain nyc thespian styleIm honestly the worst with getting ready in the morning. Like I mentioned, I sloth, literally from task-to-task; time slipping by everso swiftly, as I sloth about. “Why?” I ask myself, “why does it take me all the time in the world to get myself ready?” Although, I do pack in a good amount of tasks to complete within my routine, I can’t help but take my sweet time with each one. And I just can’t NOT have a fresh cup of coffee in the am! It just feels so good!

Two hours after my rude awakening, I set off to the final day of the week’s worth of work! TGIF!!!! Do I endure the treacherous trek across town to the office and hop on the train right outside my apt, or do I walk a few blocks over for the faster train, with less walking? Either way, I will have to meet the fate of this weather, face-to-face, wether i like it or not, and taking a car is just out of the question. Oh the typical indecisiveness of a wondering New Yorker.

singin in the srain nyc 2018

On my trek across town, clutching my borrowed umbrella (from a coworker the day before), tightly against my chest to cover as much of myself and my backpack as possible, I can’t help but think about how this is not my first rodeo out in this rude srainy weather!

winter boots nyc 2018First of all, why am I borrowing an umbrella? Secondly, Why did I just question which route to take, thirdly, how did I not own a pair of these rain boots im wearing before now, fourth, how am I lacking a water proof jacket at the moment, and lastly, why was there no warning for this?!?! The blizzard we had this year had a week’s warning, and we stayed home from work…this weather is just utterly worse than a blizzard, and I’m soaking wet, uncomfortably cold, and my makeup I took my sweet time on has now all washed off?!!! Ugh!

singin in the srain nyc 2018 thespian styleSo, here’s the deal…If you’re a New Yorker, are visiting NYC soon, or are planning to move here, take my advice, avoid a tragic cry for HAAALP, like me today, and invest in these key pieces for srainy weather survival:
  1. A sturdy umbrella! Not a $3 off the street piece of junk, but one that could cost you $20 or more to withstand wind and rain and fellow New York passerbys. Also, not a golf umbrella (those massive ones that can take out an army) Save those for a rainy day…not in the city, k? Splurgeor budget
  2. Csingin in the srain nyc thespianstyleomfy rain and snow resistant boots! Ones you can walk in, jump over puddles, step into heaps of snow in, and that will last you more than a year. Splurgeor Budget
  3. A water-resistant jacket with hood to keep you dry, warm, and covered. Rain worthy Splurgeor Budget, Winter Worthy Splurge, Rain worthy in a variety of colors Budget, super fun Splurge,
  4. A water proof backpack or purse to keep your things close and cozy while you trek. Splurgebag or Budget bag, or Splurge backpack or Budgetbackpack
  5. Pop socket for your phone so it doesn’t slip out of your frigid hands. Get it!

singin in the srain nyc thespian style Lauryn MReally, there’s nothing worse than not being prepared for this kind of weather. It already crushes your spirits, the moment you wake, but stepping out into it, vulnerable to the extremities of such conditions, could really be tragic. Do yourself a favor and invest in these 5 items asap so you will be prepared and ready to attack the SRAIN and sing about it! XoxoThespianstyle.

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Lauryn M
Thespian Style

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