InspoStyle Trend: Socks and Sandals for Fall 2017

InspoStyle Trend: Socks and Sandals for Fall 2017

By Lauryn M

How to Rock Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals – the quintessential look of “dad attire” and “loser boyfriend chic” can easily be transformed as an “ultra, casual, cool, chic” look with the right pairings. New York City braces all seasons and fluctuating weather in every fashionable way, and each fall, there’s always a brilliant idea of transitioning summer attire into Cooler weather gear. What better way than to take your super cute sandals and heels and transition them appropriately with non-other than your super cute socks that have been hiding away for the past few months? Check out my latest finds on Amazon for the best deals and chicest pairings:







You can get funky like models on the Runway, or remain classy like Alice in Wonderland. It’s up to you! Dive into your sock drawer and comfortably strut in style this Fall! Share your photos below. We love seeing what you come up with.



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