My Spring Colors


 Spring Has Sprung in NYC!

As the cherry blossoms begin to sprout so sweetly down the brownstone streets of New York City, a flutter of warmth and pure excitement begins to fill up our hearts! Although, it was still in the chillier temps this week, we haven’t quite put away our woolen coats, but we do have so many lovely things to look forward to as we begin to move away from the sullen winter.

I had such a blast the other day with this shoot, having been awaiting our reunion, Alycia and I finally met for an early eve shoot (thank you daylight savings), and boy, did we have fun skipping through the busy streets of midtown. I wanted to highlight the spring colors that have burst all across this stylish city!
I love the reflections of the city on the newer, glass and metal buildings, as well as the bright yellow pop of taxis.

And the spring that has sweetly been planted throughout. I cherish such sweet moments when I embrace color not only in my style but the color around the city!

Plant YOURSELF outside among all the spring and explore the city in color!

My Spring Colors inspired by Iconic City Life:

That Tiffany Blue

 This week, the color will be splattered throughout the city, outside a few select Bodegas, another city staple, inside select Subway stations, and driving through the city, as a few taxis strip their yellow shade for the iconic Tiffany shade of blue in honor of their new collection, releasing on May 3rd, 2018. Hurry and hunt them down before they return to   their normal state, this Friday!
Find their Custom Google Map here

Taxi Yellow- The Icon of a Busy City

NYC is known for its yellow cab Service, highly competing with all the latest car apps, let it not be diminished, as the pop of yellow is not only practical for public transportation, but offers a great city backdrop too! I love yellow this season, in pretty much all shades, and I will admit, taxi yellow is an odd color to wear, but it is sure to be found popping up in many stores this season in the cutest fashion!

Taxi Yellow Dress

Last season, I found this gorgeous peasant dress at Zara on sale, but will be wearing it as much as I can this season. It’s a bit sheer, so doing my best to wear it appropriately. Similar here and here.

Taxi Yellow Slides

I also love these last season sandals from Zara, that had sold out, numerous times, but have been cloned by Express, Loft, & Forever21. They literally pair with so many pieces, especially staples, like a white button down and jeans, for a polished look. Plus they’re super comfy and easy to wear.

 Cherry Blossom Pink

Milennial pink had it’s moment, but Rosy Pink has blossomed much brighter this season, especially on accessories, such as this frequently used zara purse, Loft shades, and Violeta slides. I am trying to mix this shade into my spring style as often as possible. Similar purse here , here and here. Similar slides here. Similar sunglasses here and here .

Cherry Blossom Season Is Happening Now!

Pairing monochrome accessories with a patterned dress adds just the right touch when working with pops of color. You will be seeing more and more of this Cherry Blossom combination of accessories!
Also, don’t miss out on the Cherry Blossoms in peak bloom the next two weekends at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Check out the Cherry Blossom Blooming Schedule Here!


All three of these shades can be spotted

in the window display of

Ugg’s new Summer Sandals. Or shopped here!

Two complimenting shades I can’t get enough of this season:

Royal Blue

(In honor of the upcoming Royal Wedding and new Royal Addition of Prince Louis)- This color just pops against any city-life canvas! I love how it pops on this blouse I often pair with black leather leggings when it’s cooler out, or a leather pencil skirt for a night out. I also love it for accessories too, popping with a neutral pallet. You can also find this top here.

Lilac Love

I saw a sweater from Lou & Grey that I just had to have with its loose, cozy, easy-going, sweet, lady-like flare. The color just compliments every skin shade, and is just so perfect for spring. It’s an unusual shade of purple that just makes me want to run through a field of lavender and sip lemonade with bare feet.

All My Spring Colors in 1 outfit

What are you favorite colors for spring? I can’t get enough of color right now, so much that I’ve even pulled together monochrome outfits to try! Happy Spring my New York lovers!




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  1. Wow!! Is that Tiffany blues for real? How could I miss it!! It really looks different. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Liked it.

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