Singin’ in the Srain

If you're a New Yorker, are visiting NYC soon, or are planning to move here, take my advice, and invest in these key pieces for "srainy" weather survival:

InspoStyle Trend: Socks and Sandals for Fall

Socks and sandals - the quintessential look of “dad attire” and “loser boyfriend chic” can easily be transformed as an “ultra, casual, cool, chic” look with the right pairings...

8 Great Fall Shoes Under $80

Discover Fall Fashion: 8 Great Shoes Under $80 via Amazon! Perfect for city dwellers looking good on a New York City budget.

Artist Totes Fashion Trend- The Best Summer Beach Bags

Top 16 Tote Beach Bags that can also be used for daily travels, auditions, gigs, events, and the like, from splurges to deals you cannot miss!

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