My Summer Bucket List in NY

My Summer Bucket List in NY

My favorite time of year, anywhere, is S U M M E R! 

There is something so sweet and comforting about warm, sunny, easy-going, ice cream-induced, watermelon-quenching, cocktail-sipping, poolside-pondering, beach-bumming Summer days. At the end of every spring, I'm usually gearing up for my annual trip home to California, for a performance gig and some family and friend catch ups, and pumping up for summer activities in the city. Among the rooftop sunsets, patio dining, happy hour bar hopping, Lobster cruising, park playing, artisans and fleas perusing, food and music frolicking, park picnicking, rainy day puddle jumping, movie in the park watching, Lincoln Center Swing dancing, rose-all-day drinking, and more, I overwhelm myself with activity, and *POOF* Summer is gooone, goone, goooone. Although I do keep summer very close to my heart all year long, my list of activity never seizes to amaze me, and all those I invite to join me on my summer adventures.


Summer Bucket List 2018:

I'm definitely spending most of my summer in the city and have a list of goals to complete, people to see, places to be, and endless adventures to be had. As soon as I can wake myself from the exhaustion of non-stop, on-the-go activity!- No worries, this will break momentarily- It’s just my nature, and boy, do I have a hard time saying "No!" The moment I returned from both trips, I had something going on every night and I'll warn you now, nothing's going to stop me from keeping it going. Take a look at my Summer Bucket List Below:

  • Movie in the Park (Bryant Park)- I attempted this last week and, I'll be honest I'm going to have to attempt this again. I showed up a few hours early to secure a spot. Lawn opens at 5pm, movie doesn't start until sundown (approx 8:45/9pm). By 5:30pm, it was already packed. Security was starting to arrive, but hadn't reached the entrances yet. Just a tip for those interested, get there as early as you can to sneak in your tasty beverages. Otherwise, they will do a bag search. I was able to sneak some Babe canned rose in, but had to down a couple beforehand. Movie started at 8:45, everyone hooted and hollared and it was a glorious three-minutes until the rain literally poured out of nowhere and after 3 hours of waiting, they kicked everyone out of the park, due to lightning. Needless to say, it was super fun, but not entirely successful. Hence a second attempt. Bring snacks, descreet beverages, blanket, chairs, something to help identify location for those meeting up. (A Veuve Clicquot umbrella was mine) I would recommend this!
  • SoJo Spa Club (New Jersey)- So my friend just told me about this and it looks amazing. $75 weekend day pass, $60 weekday pass. I mean, who wouldn't want to enjoy a perfect spa day with an infinite pool to cool off with,luxurious spa treatments after a busy work week, and views of the city? SoJo Spa Club comes highly recommended and also has a complimentary shuttle service from Manhattan. Book your day pass now! I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes!
  • Enjoy a Sensational Summer Treat at DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections- the sensational shop serving edible cookie dough is hosting a Camp Cookie DŌ ice cream pop-up at Chefs Club Counter all summer long. I have yet to experience this dessert phenomenon that opened its doors 2 years ago. The time has indeed arrived! This particular pop-up is featuring a summer-camp theme, serving up a menu with nostalgic desserts like a Campfire Sundae, with marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumble, and a chocolate fudge filled cone topped with a fudge Popsicle soft serve and cookie dough bits. You can also design your own ice cream with “camp contraband.” How’s that for scandalous summer camp memories? I can't wait to check this out. Open now through Labor Day weekend! Check out Camp DŌ,62 Spring Street
  • A Taste of Tulum in the city at Gitano NYC- I follow Guest of a Guest newsletters <<the cool girl's guide to the city>> and they featured this fantastic, cool vibes only hot spot on the water, Gitano NYC, entrancing you with a taste of the uber popular destination, Tulum, Mexico. Dying to eat, dance, and drink the night away this summer!
  • Visit the Rosé Wine Mansion- Hello0 Summer fun ideas! This one is a must!! Wander the rooms in The Mansion while sipping Rosé from around the world. Each room will transport you to a different place and time. Along the way you will learn about the history, science, and culture of this magical beverage. Who's going? Purchase tickets here and come dressed to impress!
  • Gotta See Pretty Women on Broadway- Ummmm I may have bought my tickets like 3 months ago when this show was announced. I'm not going until October, but if you can get your hands on some tickets over the summer? I say GO! Also, The Band's Visit received a ton of Tony Awards this year, SpongeBob, Once on this Island, Mean Girls, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, and Angels in America are all must-see's this summer! Get your tickets here! or lottery here!
  1. Hittin' the NYC Beaches

Just ventured to a new beach for me this past weekend. Long Beach, Long Island, NY was absolutely perfect! Sure the trek is long and you have to pay to enter the beach, but it's clean, not too crowded, with waves to body surf and keep cool, a really nice boardwalk to bike or walk on, and several surrounding eateries and bars to venture about through. Next up, the Hamptons, which I've been to every summer, Jones Beach, which I have yet to experience, and why not some Coney Island fun too? I am a California girl at heart, so any chance to dip my toes into the ocean and lay out on some hot sand, I'll take it!

Mid Summer Night Swing & Jazz at Lincoln Center

A chance to dance and shake your thing under the moonlight on a hot summer night? Yes please! I went last summer and absolutely loved the vibe. I did not pay to hit the actual dance floor, but there's an area right outside you can dance for free and still be apart of the fun! I haven't been to listen to the jazz concerts they have, but I definitely want to check it out! You can get more info here. The dates are limited, so make sure you catch it before it's too late. Summer flies by too fast!


Wear my F I R E C R A C K E R One Piece- I bought this one piece last year in a hot, neon red with gold lettering and a low-back from Target and I absolutely love it. However, this one-piece craze is tough for me. Don't get me wrong, I find them to be incredibly flattering if they're the right fit. My only trouble is, I only really wear the suits that are most practical for tan lines, so wearing a one-piece has been tricky to work into my beach wardrobe, properly. To wear sort of like a tank-top? I want to try that with some cut offs, and I feel like this summer is perfect for a HOT red Firecrackin' one-piece like this one! Find some similar styles here, here, and here!

That's a few things on my Summer Bucket List for now. I have so0 many more to look forward to!

My recent Adventures:

California took me by surprise!

The Hamptons made me squeal for the calm serenity of a gloomy, summer day.

And Fourth of July/Long Lost friend visit in the City was truly a relaxing treat!

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