Survival Jobs for Performing Artists: Nanny

Survival Jobs for Performing Artists: Nanny

Interview by Lauryn M.

One of the greatest opportunities for a flexible job, accommodating audition schedules, tax-free hourly pay from $15-$50/hr depending on the family, and a fun, adventurous, creative environment, is nannying. Granted, not all nanny jobs are ideal, but it is a great way to hang out with adorable city kids, helping care and shape them as best as you can, creating unforgettable bonds, ranging activity each day, while their parents continue to work and provide. Not all performers are cut out to care for children 3-5 hours Monday through Friday, but if you do have a love for children, and can handle juggling parental duties for a limited time, assisting them with homework, dinners, and after school programs, you could find a job you truly love.

Read on to see how one performer truly enjoys her job as a nanny in the city, while pursuing a career in the arts.

Interview with Rachel King

  1. How many years have you lived in NYC?

I've lived in NY 1.5 years now.

  1. How did you become interested in working as a nanny in the city?

I've always loved kids - I have younger half-brothers that I grew up babysitting, and growing up my mom was the children's ministry leader at our church; I've always had a passion for helping out with kids' programs & providing love + safety for children.

  1. How long have you been working as a nanny? 

     I've never had a full-time nanny job for one particular family, but I have been a "professional babysitter" for a little over a year in NYC & less regularly for years in CA.

  1. How did you hear about your nanny job opportunities? 

All of my babysitting opportunities have been referred to me through friends. At first it was individual families, and then it was for the company Artist Babysitting Agency, which I joined in November 2016.

  1. What ages have you nannied for?  

I have nannied anywhere from infant to Jr High. I primarily care for children 6 years old and younger.

  1. Do you believe working as a nanny is a reliable, flexible, enjoyable source of income, while pursuing a career in the arts?

I do! I'm so thankful I was referred to Artist Babysitting as they especially protect the flexibility as a performer. As you can infer from the company name, they only hire Artists & have a very flexible cancellation policy (24 hours) so that if the Artist gets a last-minute audition or books a shoot, etc., the Agency can find a replacement for you no harm, no foul! I also went through a series of interviews, background checks, became CPR certified, so that the Agency can brand it as high quality childcare & match us with high quality families who are drawn to the idea of hiring an artist.

  1. Would you recommend working as a nanny to new artists in the city?

I would! But be warned: there's a lot of schlepping. If you're still getting used to carrying your own weight in a backpack around the city, maybe take a minute to acclimate before you add multiple children's backpacks, strollers, transporting children on trains, buses & cars all around the city!

  1. Have any other comments or concerns you would like to share?

Good luck!

Rachel King is a CA native now living in NYC. With extensive experience in musical theatre, including singing for The Walt Disney Co. & prestigious regional theatre across the U.S., such as The Muny & McCoyRigby Entertainment, Rachel is now focusing on writing her own original music. In addition to musical influences from Hozier to Lorde to Joni Mitchell, Rachel grew up as a dancer, & the art of expressing oneself through movement plays a definite role in her songwriting; coming up with melodies based on how the emotions evoked by the lyrics inspire her body to move.  Catch the official music video for her debut single "Hollow" here:
Instagram: @itsrachelking
Facebook: Rachel King
Top Babysitting/Nannying companies in NYC:
Artist Babysitting (Rachel’s current employer)
The Calendar Group
Pinch Sitters
Tiny Treasures

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