Survival of the Fittest & the Fabulous

We interviewed 3 fitness gurus to share their expert advice on balancing workout routines with working as a performing artist in NYC. Here, you'll discover great aspiring fitness routine that will leave you breathless, flawless, dammmmnnnn good looking, and stronger than ever before!

Fitness & exercise can be difficult to maintain as a working performing artist. The desire to stay fit, preserve your youth and be your best "you" is there, present, and inspires you to get moving. However, a consistent workout routine often falls off the agenda after the first few months in the New Year!

So, what is it that fashion bloggers, models, and Broadway Performers have that allow for motivation, perfectly fit bodies, and a nutrition plan that keeps them looking their best and how do they find the time?!

-Lauryn M.

Fitness Interview with Sydney Petitt

AGE: 26


OCCUPATION: Graduate Student at NYU Tisch Dance  / Barre Instructor @ The Mercedes Club

"When I'm home I'll do more weight lifting with the guys ;)"


My routine changes week by week. Normally I aim to work out 5-6 times per week. However, If it's a performance week, I take it easy.

Workouts range from lifting weights, to cardio, and all sorts of circuit training. Currently I am doing a lot of running with calisthenics. An example workout might be:

  1. 2 mile run - easy pace @ 9:30 mile pace
  2. 30 push-ups before and 30 after ++
  3. 100 flutter kicks,
  4. 30 supermans
  5. 30 Vups
  6. 30 crunches
  7. 2x1 minute plank
  8. 50 - 4 count jumping jacks
  9. 30 V ups

When I'm home I'll do more weight lifting with the guys 😉

Check out my IG stories @mssydpetitt for daily workout routines!

DO YOU HAVE A PRE-AUDITION/PERFORMANCE WORKOUT? Sure! Normally I do something pretty easy to get the blood pumping. I'll do a short body-weight circuit with stretching and focus on the core.

WHAT DID YOU COME TO NY FOR? Grad school and to pursue the Arts

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU FIRST MOVED TO THE CITY? I wanted to explore a new place and to really hone in on my MFA degree. For whatever reason I needed a change, and I felt like NYC was the right fit.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS NOW? Currently my goal is to find a steady job that is close to my husband. Together we are super active people. We like to push each other in our own fitness goals. Kyle does a lot of research himself and he likes to try different training programs. I jump right in and am willing to try anything with his motivation behind me.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO STAY FIT? My husband. Also the way it makes me feel! I think about the future and how I want to stay fit for my family. My goal is to be mobile as long as humanly possible.


“Strong is what I aim for!”

“Just get it done.”

“Eat to fuel your goals.”

For years as a dancer I hated how muscular I was. I have these super strong legs, where my calves and thighs are rather dominant. I've learned to like my muscle. Now I use it and I work to get even stronger! It may take time, but you can always strive to be very best self.



YES! 100% I believe that cross-training only helps inform my craft, especially since it is body-oriented.


It's possible to do it ALL as long as you have balance. Stay focused and motivated towards your goals. Know what your priorities are. Most days I put my workouts before anything else, because it just makes me feel better as I go throughout my day. Also, I don' believe that being a dancer is simply "enough" when it comes to your fitness. Yes we do a lot of body work, but cross-training is a very important part of our livelihood, and most importantly, it helps prevent injuries. LEARN about YOUR body! It will only help you succeed!

Sydney and I met over a year ago through a mutual friend. We had a lot of friends in common too,  from working as dancers at Disneyland in California. I learned quickly of how dedicated, hard-working, silly, focused, talented, and fun this lady is! She has now become one of my closest friends and I cannot begin to tell you how inspired I am of her and her lifestyle! She is a rockstar! To find out more about this incredible star, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, as well as her blog on Bloglovin’ and don’t forget to check out this post I featured her in.



Fitness Interview with Nina Schreckengost

AGE: 26

YEARS IN NYC: On and off for 8 years

OCCUPATION: Musical theatre actress/Beachbody Coach

"Take care of your body, don't treat it like shit, and don’t take it for granted."



I usually use Beachbody programs, but now I’m training for a Bikini competition, so my routine is a little different.


21 Day Fix Extreme. Always.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO NYC? I attended a musical theatre academy in the city.

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU FIRST MOVED TO THE CITY? Graduate school/book jobs/grow as a human. (I was 17 years old)

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS NOW? Be happy, successful, and proud of the person I made of myself.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FITNESS COACH/INSTRUCTOR? I've always loved fitness. I believe taking care of yourself first gives you the ability to love and treat others around you the BEST to your ability. Also, it goes hand in hand with musical theatre acting and dancing. Your body (as a dancer especially) is a HUGE selling point. I've actually booked jobs because of my body.

WHAT IS YOUR PITCH? Pitch? No pitch. I am the product of the product. I'm living the life of a healthy balanced human, and who doesn't want to be confident in their own skin??


CAN YOU STILL FOCUS ON THE ARTS AS WELL AS MAINTAINING A HEALTHY, HAPPY, FIT, AND FABULOUS LIFESTYLE? 100%. As I said before, they truly go hand in hand. When you do these programs and have me as a coach, you learn the confidence in yourself to be the BEST “you” there is.

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER ADVICE FOR ARTISTS LIKE YOU? Take care of your body, don't treat it like shit, and don’t take it for granted. It's the only one we have and our bodies are our instruments to do what we do.

Nina and I met via Facebook. We had so many mutual friends and she friended me, offering guidance with her supportive fitness group. If you are on the road, like Nina, or feel like you would love to join a strong, supportive network of performers like yourself, connect with Nina.

Instagram: Love her Insta name!!

Facebook: Love her Facebook game!!



madeleine corliss headshot for survival of the fittest thespian styleFitness Interview with Madeleine Corliss

AGE: 24


OCCUPATION: Actor, Fitness Coach

"I very quickly discovered that the food industry did not bring me joy, in fact it made me pretty miserable and so I needed a way out fast!"


It depends on the program I am doing. Most of our programs run 3-8 weeks and they vary drastically in style. During audition season I try to stick with the 30min programs because that is what works with my schedule. I just finished up a circuit training style program and before that I did a Kickboxing program! Now I am going into a 30 day yoga program!


I would say I do more of a mental workout before auditions. Another thing that I bring into all of my challenge groups and really emphasize with my challengers is personal development. I believe that we can’t make long term changes in our lives unless we change our thoughts. I do at least 10 minutes of personal development reading in the morning and then I meditate. I think it is important to focus your mind before you allow other outside sources to pull your focus. I do have a pre-opening night workout though! I always do a 30 minute Yoga practice before opening night to help get my body and mind in alignment and working together. Not to mention it’s a great stretch and muscle activator so I am warm but not warn out for the show!

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO NYC? I always wanted to live in New York. I remember standing in Time Square for the first time, looking up and being mesmerized. It felt like I was in a place and a part of something so much bigger than me and that has always pushed me to better myself. So I spent my last semester of college in the city, signed a lease right away and now its home!

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU FIRST MOVED TO THE CITY? When I moved to New York I wanted to be performing. I always thought “Broadway would be nice, but right now I just want to be on stage."  It was important to me that I was spending my days doing what I love whether that’s in rehearsals, auditions or class. Once I graduated I did a two week workshop and then thought “Sh*T I need to make money!!! So when it came to a survival job I did what so many before me did and went to the food industry. I very quickly discovered that the food industry did not bring me joy, in fact it made me pretty miserable and so I needed a way out fast! I wasn’t sure what to do because the whole working nights and weekends thing worked pretty well for auditions but I was so unhappy and stressed about things like sushi…NOT worth it.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS NOW? I want to live a life of joy. As cheesy as it sounds I know that I will never be happy unless I am enjoying what is happening in the moment. Career wise I want to be playing leads, creating characters and working in theaters where the stories I am sharing can reach as many people as possible whether that’s on Broadway, on a tour or somewhere unexpected. And in conjunction with that I want to be helping others realize their true potential whether that is through helping them feel amazing in their own skin or helping them start up a business that lets them live a life of freedom (#GirlBoss) And the thing that has been so amazing about coaching is that the only thing I need is my computer and myself! I continue coaching while on contracts (aka double income) and I never feel like I am starting over when a contract ends. It’s a constant which is nice in a business where you could be on a plane or in rehearsal tomorrow or your show could unexpectedly close next weekend.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FITNESS COACH/INSTRUCTOR? I was in rehearsals for Urinetown, Off Broadway, and I was working three jobs (hostess, 2 catering companies) and I still wasn’t making enough money to pay my bills and I felt like I was always running around with no time to enjoy life. I was in a callback and thought “Great! If I get cut I can make it to work on time”…ALL the red flags shot up and I realized there HAD to be a better way. I had always been interested in health and fitness however getting certified or becoming an instructor felt like a detour from performing and I wasn’t willing to do that. I also had this scenario that kept playing in my head where I developed a client base, gained their trust, let them know that I am there for them and then I’d book a show and feel like I was going back on my word. That just didn’t feel right so I never followed through with the training or certification. Then I saw a post on Facebook from my (now) coach. We had never met but I had seen her on my newsfeed a few times and knew that she was a performer who did something with health and fitness. Her post talked about a job opportunity, showing people how to run their own business in the health/fitness industry, helping others, living on their own schedule and make an income doing it…I was like UM YES!!!! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR! I sent her a message, we started talking and I almost immediately started coaching. It has given me the freedom to live on my own schedule (or an audition, callback or rehearsal schedule) and do something that is not only flexible but incredibly fulfilling.

WHAT IS YOUR PITCH? Honestly it depends on who I am talking to, the gut feeling I get about them and where they are in their life, and how I can help them. If I have a program, group or opportunity that could add value to their life or help them solve a problem FABULOUS! And if not that is okay too, what I do is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that 🙂 But a quick synopsis of what I do, I run online fitness accountability groups. We check in daily, we find the workout program and nutrition plan that best fits your goals, I help guide you to personal development resources based on personal need. I also help others build a business where they can do the same for others!



YES YES YES YES YES! This is EXACTLY why I do what I do. If the arts are your passion you have to follow that. But in the same vein, being an artist is so directly related to who we are and what we are capable of expressing and sharing. If we are not taking care of our body, the vessel that allows us to communicate will detract from what we have to offer because it can’t function properly. Make sense? Now I am not saying you should never enjoy a bowl of ice cream or if you miss a workout your career is over, not at all. It is in the routine and daily practice that we keep our body agile and able to express what we have to offer as artists. And that is why coaching and helping others find routines that work for them have become so important to me. The programs I use have worked for so many people (especially those of us with unpredictable schedules) and have helped people get physical results without feeling like their health and fitness has to be the soul-focus of their life, cause that’s just not realistic.


Breathe! You are exactly where you need to be. You are learning what you need to learn and you have something unique to offer. I know we hear this saying a lot but you need to keep hearing it until you believe it in yourself. Also, you don’t have to do it all on your own. If we were supposed to know everything we would…but we don’t, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or to simply ask questions! And if you have any questions or would just like to chat send me an email at [email protected] I’d love to hear from you!

Madeleine and I met via Facebook when she realized that we had mutual friends and a lot in common. She is a true sweetheart and reached out in hopes to provide me with guidance and a supportive network to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle. She’s challenging, supportive, respectful, and kind in her attempts to spread her support and encouragement across the performance artist spectrum and believes that we all deserve to truly love ourselves and commit to a happy, healthy lifestyle! If you are at all interested and/or need support and guidance with the best healthy and fit routine, connect with Madeleine and she will be more than happy to get you on track!

Instagram: She’s a doll

Facebook: Always on Call

These girls are doing it, and not only are they kicking some major butt at the fitness game,  they are also doing it to help inspire others like YOU to be supported, motivated, and encouraged along the way! If you have a workout routine that works best for you, please share in the comments! Videos and related links welcomed.

What's your workout routine?

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