Why it’s Important to Take Time for Yourself

Can you Handle a Weekend of Solitude?

I wasn't sure if I could, considering this past weekend was Labor Day weekend and I was desperate to make plans, with hopes that the weather would be on our side. Little did I know, as the weekend approached, all my closest friends were either rushing out of town or unsure of their holiday weekend plans, and in no rush to make plans with me. Ugh! This is really silly, I know, but I'm sure 90 percent of the single, female, living-in-NYC population, with a free weekend at hand, have run into this once or twice. It sucks! So, how did I make the most of it? Read on...

Looking back in my first few years of living in the city, I was blessed to curate a lovely group of girlfriends, all transplants from California, that were undeniably reliable for always having plans. It was amazing! Having moved across the country, far from my comfort zone, my close group of friends, and one of my dream jobs, it was heaven! Fast forward to 2018, I have cut toxic friendships, bad relationships, and molded my lifestyle into something much more sustainable and healthy, approaching my fifth year in the city. Needless to say, my close group of friends has down-sized, I am single again, have a better job, and I am looking forward. However, it has been much harder to make plans with people, and therefore, I have begun my journey of learning how to hangout with myself.

I am in no way producing this post by means of gaining any condolences, but i am rather curious of how often people find themselves in this position, and how they come to terms with it?

So, as I mentioned, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend, and it was just perfect! Minus having a companion to bask in the glory of a three-day weekend, sunshine, and air conditioning. I was open to possibility, relaxation, and doing things on my own time, which if you know me, you'd know how bad I am with timing, so this was truly a pleasure of mine!

Friday I started the weekend off, by spontaneously hanging out with a new group of friends, drinks were had, laughter was induced, and it was just lovely, and then when I was done, I Irish good-byed, knowing that I would be forgiven by my mysterious exit, and looked forward to the next day all to myself. Saturday, I enjoyed breakfast on a terrace, music playing, and took my time getting ready for a spa day of nails, a facial, and massage. I felt like being treated like a queen for a deal of $89 for all three services, you can find here on the pulsd app. Followed by dinner for one on a patio with a glass of wine, people watching in Little Italy, while I read my book, Her Again by...the biography of Meryl Streep. Sunday I, I was beginning to get a little restless, so I happily enjoyed a few episodes of Friends, while awaiting several responses from several texts I sent out looking for frieeeeennnndddssss, I also worked on some upcoming traveling plans, then finally met up with a friend for drinks and dinner, before he moved on to a going away party, so a movie and wine sufficed in bed concluded my night. Monday, I just wanted to be outside, so I got up early, cleaned up the apartment, grabbed a mini bottle of rose, my towel, and headed to Central Park to layout and read. Followed by a late lunch at Tavern On the Green, then grabbed my stuff and headed home.

I'll admit, I had a few moments of loneliness, and then slapped myself back into contentment. It was a tiny bit of a struggle, knowing that for so long, I always had plans with friends, and so many things to do, but this past weekend, I'll accept that I happily treated myself, cared for myself, and enjoyed my own, sweet company and I suppose I could do it all over again!

Can you handle a weekend of solitude? If so, what are the things you enjoy most when you get to hangout with yourself? Sounds silly, but we should all try it!

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