Survival Jobs for Performing Artists

Survival Job Interviews

We interviewed performing artists that are making their dreams come true while also making money to support those dreams. These interviews will give you insight into a variety of jobs that you may want to consider while pursuing a career in the performing arts.

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Free simple job-search guide with resources:

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  • Where to Search 
  • What to Search
  • Making Ends Meet 

Temp Agency

"Temp work is definitely flexible and can be enjoyable. The people I have worked with have been very kind and I’ve gotten along with them. However..."

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Catering Actress

"I would say catering is definitely flexible, however in order for it to be a reliable source of income, I’d suggest..."

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Fitness Trainer

"Once you are certified, it's pretty easy to find personal training opportunities. I was equinox certified, so of course equinox was interested in hiring me. I would rather..."

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"One of the greatest opportunities for a flexible job, accommodating audition schedules, tax-free hourly pay from $15-$50/hr depending on..."

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Real Estate Agent

"It’s not for everyone– but if you are self-motivated, organized, and personable then I highly recommend it! And I especially recommend..."

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Nanny Actress

"Also, you can totally pick up date-night and after school pickups all the time without having to fully commit to a single family."

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Let's be Friends.

Food Industry

"I've worked at places that made my life a living hell as a performer, and that even tried to make me feel guilty..."

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Dog Walker

"NYC is one of those rare locations that does the whole doggy daycare thing. Go upstate, they think we're nuts!"

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"Being in the food industry can lead people to indulge too much. I have seen it happen often. This perception of always being "on,” is unrealistic when..."

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How to Search:

Job Search Engines, such as,,,,, Indeed, and (I’ve hired from this site) should be your “go-to” sites. is sketchy, but it never hurts to look. There are a lot of temp jobs, assistants for productions, events, and the like using their last-minute resource to find eager, flexible professionals, such as yourself.

What to Search:

What kind of experience and/or training do you have? Have you ever hosted an event? Then you have experience in hosting, and can be a host at a restaurant, or work for PR, or assist with event planning. Are you a dancer and like to work with kids? There are plenty of dance studios and programs looking for instructors for part time positions, or check out nannying! Do you have excellent customer service skills, have enough experience with computers, answering phone calls, and can learn quickly? Temp work is excellent for those who like interacting with people, and so many companies are always looking for covers for a few hours to a few weeks, part time and full time. Basically, narrow down your skills and map out the experience you have for multiple job opportunities. Create your resume including these skills, and go after a few positions. Understanding what you have done and what you can do will help you out so much. Often, city newcomers believe that they do not have enough experience to go after certain job positions, but you must “fake it till you make it,” right? Sell yourself!!!


Making Ends Meet

New York City, known for its massive High-rise structures, iconic landmarks, stress-inducing transit systems, Broadway theater, cultural diversity, art scene, and island of opportunity. Opportunity that extends beyond your imagination. Everything is here, every type of position, skill level, talent, trade is needed here. Although, the hurdles of making ends meet, may cross your path until you find your balance, there is never a lack of opportunity in New York City, if you know how and where to go about your search.

Where to Search:

There are several job search engines that assist in leading you to available jobs in your area of interest, which is the best place to start your search. These sites offer a breakdown of available positions quickly, efficiently, and often for a small fee, they will directly connect you with their hiring department. For a cost-free search, however, Google has recently updated its job search in presenting a multitude of professional businesses looking to fill a variety of positions. To use, it’s as easy as typing “jobs in (your city)” into the search box and, voila! “Jobs” pops up, just click on the link and it will lead you to the job search page, where you can filter what types of jobs you are looking for.  Another great site everyone should be connected to is Linkedin. If you do not already know, Linkedin is a professional networking service, providing personal profiles for job postings and job seekers. If you have yet to create your professional profile on Linkedin, do it now! I have recruiters reaching out to me each week because they can access my profile, highlighting my most recent and current profession, and connecting me with others within my network. Last, but not least, most part-time positions are in businesses where you can walk in and ask to meet the manager, which I find is very impressionable and efficient. No matter the route you take to seek your next opportunity, do NOT limit yourself, do NOT feel pressured to take a job you don’t want or like, but DO believe that this may not be your career, but could lead you to even more opportunity, and Do trust that you will find a job(s).