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Lauryn M headshot ThespianStyle blogger

Lauryn M


Lauryn Muraida isn't just your typical Cali girl, certainly not when she moved to New York almost four years ago to pursue dreams beyond her imagination. As a recent graduate from the University of California, Irvine, with a B.A. in drama, a resume filled with directing, acting, choral, soloist, dance team, theater, musical theater, stage managing, workshopping, touring with the Young Americans, and 4 years of Disney Entertainment experience, she was ready for an east coast experience in the hustle and bustle of the heart of theatrical entertainment!

Following three years in the Big Apple, Lauryn found that many other artists were often feeling lost and misunderstood while pursuing the arts, as she did. Inspired by the struggle, she decided to indulge in the discovery of how to make it work in NY as an artist by joining forces with industry professionals to develop an informative database blog for artists, showcased by fashion and exploration throughout New York City, to be inspired, supported, and understood in an industry so vastly competitive.

Lauryn currently establishes herself as a “Professional Struggling Artist,” often hitting the ground running with auditions, while jumping from one job opportunity to the next, networking along the way, cocktail in hand, and her star-studded smile at the ready as a daily routine. She believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity, the right to be heard, continuous guidance, education, and a healthy, happy lifestyle. She would love nothing more than to build a brand of success for her followers and fellow artists in her best Thespian Style!

Nolan Briggs Thespian Style Founder

Nolan Briggs


Nolan Briggs is a native New Yorker and an actor at his core. After attending Talent Unlimited High School, freshman year, he went on to graduate from Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in ’08. While attending, Nolan began his professional acting career; from headshots to roles in independent film and theatre, Nolan’s dream-fueled ambition eventually landed him a principal role on ABC’s “What Would You Do?”

About that time, Nolan was hired as the assistant to his talent manager at Six Degrees Management & PR. The assistant position enabled Nolan to acquire skills, resources and knowledge pertaining to the Film, TV & Theatre industry beyond the scope of most actors.

Working every angle of the casting table enhanced Nolan’s spectrum of perspective; gaining an insider track on what it takes to be successful. Co-producing theatre, industry networking, casting, talent scouting, marketing, and communicating with top-tier talent, agents, casting directors, directors, producers, movers & shakers are some of the experiences that cultivated Nolan’s life-history, thus-far. Nolan eventually left talent management to focus application of his abilities towards his own acting career.

To this day, Nolan navigates through the constantly-shifting entertainment industry, working as a professional SAG-AFTRA affiliated actor; auditioning, networking, training, and living life as a thespian in New York City.

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