The Snuggle is Real

With the cooling temps and shorter days, all I want to do now is jump in my coziest attire: the snuggliest sweaters, chicest, coziest sweat pants and sleep shorts, sweet, knitted sweaters, feet soothing socks, and grab a blanket, while sipping hot toddies, and watching my favorite fall shows. This is my desired routine everyday after work! Squeeze in a quick happy hour here or there, but on most nights, all I want to do is snuggle up and pretend like the entire world is joining me in this daily snuggle fest routine!

the-snuggle-is-realInspired by a Victoria’s Secret PINK blanket i wondered upon, “The Snuggle is Real” printed happily , I realized, that this phrase speaks the truth of Falling into Winter. Everyone seems to want to go into hibernation, which I completely understand, as the SNUGGLE is REAL for this lady!

I am currently on the hunt for chic, semi-sexy, comfy lounge wear that I can look forward to jumping into, feel glamorous, while vegging out a little. What lady doesn’t want to feel that way? Sans makeup, often gracing my face with my 50’s style glasses by 9pm, granny panties on like Donkey Kong, and having the whole day worn all over me, it’s not always easy feeling glamorous at that point. So, with cute comfy athleisure wear, constantly on the rise, I have accumulated a wish list of items that I seriously must have! Take a look, hopefully you’ll be inspired, you’ll grab your girlfriends, or significant other, cozy up in the chicest, comfiest way, and feel the glam, while stuffing popcorn in your face, and catching up on the latest episode of Shameless because… you, well, aren’t! Shameless, that is…

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