The Wedding Guest Dress Hunt

Soooo, I’ve been on a serious egg hunt for a great dress! Yes, I would very much love it if the dress was perfect, but I don’t need perfect, just a suitable dress in either a light blue or a blush pink that would coordinate well with my boyfriend, whom I haven’t seen in 5 months! I don’t have to look perfect, but I want to look gooooood. The problem is, i can’t seem to find one.


I thought I had it all together! I did my research, started early, browsed a few of my most reliable stores, stress-free, before I eyed this sweet, casual beauty, in a boho striped, fitted, midi dress from Express; tie on the hip, cut out at the waist, a wrapped slit down the front. It was so flattering and I wanted nothing but to walk out into that one sunny, sixty-degree weathered day in the city. So, I did…
Well, boyfriend has this absolutely perfect custom suit he got last summer for another wedding, he was a groomsman in. It’s perfectly designed, appropriately to his sizing! It’s this beautiful royal blue color, with neon yellow lining haha. Ridiculous is he, but I love him, and quite love the suit! However, we cannot seem to coordinate our outfits.

I would buy all three if I could! Green, Pink, & Blue. All on sale now at Express!

We just can’t even find an appropriate tie to tiiieeee us together. The brightest blue of his suit and the grayish green of my dress just don’t seem to connect.

The dress comes in blue, so I tried that, but still too dull to coordinate. The tie he found, that I quite love as well, matches a pair of earrings from Express that I love, so I returned the dress completely in exchange for the earrings and a bracelet. They’re stunning! I love Express jewelry!! So, great, I have the perfect jewelry to coordinate, but a naked dress to wear…HAAALP!

Right after work, at 5pm, i took a stroll down 5th ave and hopped in about 4 shops in 30 min (how? I was determined, focused, alert!) got caught up in Zara, of course, and Lord & Taylor. Mind you, Lord & Taylor is the hidden gem of the city! Great sales, great clothes, great brands, great prices! I was hoping to walk out as a walking advertisement, but after An hour of trying on a number of dresses, I exhausted myself, starved, and disappointed that I’ve come to this point! Mind you, I found some pretty amazing things in there, but nothing worth purchasing for this upcoming event


The wedding is a week away! I could pull out last year’s dress I wore to a wedding with him in the same suit, but I will have only seen him 4 times since he moved from NYC last July, and I really don’t want to wear the same dress twice! It also tore a little in the back from all our hard core dance moves!
I still have hope, but it’s slipping awayyyy. Worst comes to worse, I pull out last years dress, stitch it up, and call it a day! If you Love it, check out this one, this one, or this one.

Although the floral print one I’ve been posting about all week is so perfect for a spring wedding, the print is just too busy for the tie he chose. If you Love it, check out this one, this one, or this one.

Anyway, wish me luck on this journey! Although, I do ask, where would you recommend to look? This IS wedding season, after all, so I pray I find success and attend this wedding with the happiest of hearts!

Why I care so much about this? I also hope to relieve myself of this answer soon as well! Any tips on that would be great too 🙂
Xoxo ?
Thespian Style

P.S. Check out a few of the photos from my best friend’s wedding, at Dillingham Ranch on the North Shore of Oahu, HI. We had the best time and this dress from Show Me Your MuMu will be reused again and again! Still available in my favorite color, TEAL!

Floral Dress photos shot by Alycia Kravitz. Check out her new site here.

Wedding Photos shot by Roy Nuesca. Should you have a destination wedding in Hawaii, check out his site here.




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