What does a bumble bee, a flame, a cupid, a hinge, a coffee, and a bagel have in common?

How do you meet your next prospective boyfriend or best friend, properly, without seeming desperate or needy in a place so vast? Some lucky lottery winners scored with a personality that toxically attracts people very easily, while so many others, those so-called “introverts,” haven’t a clue what to say when to say it and how…I have a little secret for you…it’s actually much easier than you think!
With social media rising and dating apps conquering the love game, you’re actually able to be More in control of this situation than ever before! I honestly do not love the idea of unconventionally meeting strangers through dating apps. I’m definitely more of the “meet cute” kind of girl, but I have to admit, with a brighter, more open-minded and open-hearted outlook on the idea, it’s not as horrible as you may think. Yes, you may potentially have your horrific dates with those catfishy-weirdie types who claim to be someone and look a certain way and are clearly not…or their messaging is on point, but their personalities in person are as if they are dead inside…I mean, come on, at least admit that you’re uncomfortable so the rest of us can ease up and forgive you…break that ice, for dating’s sake! However, there are potential gem stones glistening amongst the many swipes. I guarantee you’ll meet at least a few prospects. Just don’t sell yourself short, do swim with the fishes (meaning date a few, do not focus on just one right away) and don’t give up! Meet up with a few. Make dating fun again and enjoy being courted, or whatever it is these kids call it. Enjoy the simple pleasures and leave the unrealistic expectations and fantasies for your slumbers.
I cannot stress it enough, that, we only live once, ONCE!!!! So, live it up in the moment as best as you possibly can! Add these experiences to your novel of memories 🙂 life will be much more pleasant if you do! You’ll meet so many interesting people and know that YOU are in control, and if it feels as if you’re not, you’ve got nothing to lose by excusing your kind self. Take a look at my top four apps (yes only four, no need to overwhelm yourself) and see which one works for you. Try them out, have some fun, gain some experience, laugh at the worst! Also, check out my other related posts while you’re at it.
Answer to Titled question: They all like to mingle with the singles (I hope) A description of the aps themselves… (To be continued)
Now onto the apps themselves, I would like to provide a few answers to so many frequently asked questions to help engage you with a pool you’re entirely unsure of diving into, well let’s wade a little, shall we?
Are they even worthy of your time, or energy? You can take as much time you need to browse and swipe, you can take as much time you need to message before you meet up for a drink, or what have you, and you may waste your time on a loser or you can indulge in something sweet. Be true to yourself, be honest, but not too honest, and unless YOU are just looking for a hook up or someone to hang out with, try to be clear. If they don’t accept it, move on…easy as pie!
Do they honestly solidify relationships that last? I have met at least 6 couples who I am relatively close with, including myself that have successful, serious relationships with someone they’ve met on a dating app. SIX!!! Meet them here: Row & Greg (Tinder), Mae & Alex (Tinder), Greg’s friend & her man (OkCupid), Jen & Ricky (?), Annie & Chris, and Me & Chris.
Are most men, or boys rather, just looking for a hook up? What about the girls? How do you not come off sounding like a deusche, tool, or prude?
What’s with this “I’m only here for business or a short trip, hit me up if you want!”?
And the messaging back and forth before numbers are exchanged and meet ups are arranged, how and when should this occur?
{Im sure there are several other questions to answer here- To be continued}
Well, my single, wonderful, interested, eager, or not-so eager friends, I hope I can provide some information for you, from mine and others experiences to help better understand the dating app game…
In order to answer a few of these questions, let me ask you, in comparison to “matching” with someone through a social dating app, is it worth meeting some drunk fool, looking for his next rebound target at the dive bar downtown? Lucky for you, dating apps are continuously being created to better fit our needs. For example, Bumble allows the lady to choose to message the male first before any kind of connection is made. Hinge is another upgraded app that connects you through surveying your interests and also uses Facebook connections. Tinder connects via Facebook as well. So, with that said, these apps are attempting to secure a better connection for you already to assure that you don’t waste your time cramping as your swiping left a million times before you hover over a potential client for your needs and attraction.

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